First Visit to Angel Stadium

Any die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will fantasize about joining the 45,000 fans that are dressed in a sea of red at Angel Stadium. Any trip to the ballpark is a great way to spend a day, but your first visit to Angel Stadium makes for a particularly memorable experience. Here are some tips for your first visit to Angel Stadium

Check Out the Bricks

Do you want to leave a mark at Angel Stadium? You can do that, quite literally, by buying a personalized brick engraved with your name and message on it for $99. The brick will then be laid into the pavement in front of the home plate gate. By paying an additional $60, you will be able to get a replica brick that you can take home. All proceeds from these brick sales go towards a good cause in funding the Angels Baseball Foundation. The next time you attend an Angels game at Angel Stadium you will be able to take a picture in front of your personalized brick before entering the park.

Bring Your Own Food

Angel Stadium is one of the few Major League Baseball stadiums that allows you to bring your own food, if you want to. Although bringing your own food is certainly cheaper than dealing with the stadium concessions, Angel Stadium has a variety of standard ballpark fare that will tempt any baseball fan. All bags are subject to search at the entry gates but the stadium specifically allows fans to bring their own food in sealed containers.

Family Friendly Crowd

Angel Stadium is known to have one of the most family friendly crowds in all of Major League Baseball. Though beer is served like in other major league ballpark stadiums, fans are generally well behaved and fun to hang around with at nearly all games. Alcohol sales stop after the 7th inning and the restriction on beer helps to keep the crowd in check as they leave the ballpark. Rare interleague games against the cross-town Los Angeles Dodgers are a notable exception when families may want to consider an early exit before the end of the game.

Courtyard Areas

You will love the walk from the turnstiles to your seats. Angel Stadium has two large food courts in the outdoor courtyard area leading up to the first few levels of seating. In addition to the varied concessions there are statues that play tributes to famous Angel players and even a music garden open to all guests alongside third base by Gate 1. The two large food courts where you can grab food and beer are alongside first and third base.


Be sure to check out the waterfalls that you will find behind the centerfield wall. Although fans are restricted from entering the waterfall area, the falls themselves are open for all guests to enjoy. The area also has a geyser that spurts out water to heights of almost 100 feet. Combined with pyrotechnics, this outfield extravaganza makes home runs and other special plays all the more unique at Angel Stadium.

Plaza Courtyard

The Plaza Courtyard is a great looking area that uses colored concrete for the pavement. It also features beautiful landscaping making it an ideal spot to take a photograph to mark your visit to Angel Stadium. You will find two more food courts here, with 5 food different stalls within each segment.

Angels Team Store

The Angels Team Store is the place for you to pick up an Angels souvenir like a T-shirt, hoodie, baseball, key chains, or jersey. During game days, the store might briefly close before the game starts. The Team Store is open throughout the majority of all games with early closing depending on the duration of extra inning contests.

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