The Los Angeles Angels play at Angel Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Angels ballpark is a terrific venue to take in a Major League Baseball game. Look at the Los Angeles Angels seating chart to identify specific locations for the seating areas at Angel Stadium and to buy cheap Angels tickets for the best Angels seats.

The Los Angeles Angel Stadium is divided into many seating areas spread throughout the facility: Angels Diamond seats, Angels Club seats, Angels Suites, Angels Dugout MVP seats, Angels Lower Field seats, Angels Field seats, Angels Terrace seats, Angels Lower View seats, Angels View MVP seats, Angels View All-Star seats, Angels Upper View seats, Angels Right Field seats, and Angels Left Field Pavilion seats. The best Los Angeles Angels seats are based primarily on the price of your Angels tickets. Los Angeles Angels tickets are sold through the Angel Stadium ticket office and Los Angeles Angels team sales website, but the best selection for Angels tickets for the highest-demand Angels games are sold through ticket brokers and secondary market ticket websites. Learn more by reading through concerning the best Angels tickets for the best Angels seats at Angel Stadium.

Angel Stadium has served as the home ballpark for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim since the team moved from the city of Los Angeles in 1966. Angel Stadium has undergone numerous renovations since its opening and is known for the “Big A” now placed in the parking lot as well as the fireworks shot off after every Angels home run or win. Angel Stadium has a natural grass field and large dimensions that place the upper deck far from the field. Located outside of the metropolitan area, Angel Stadium was placed in a suburban area filled with major tourist attractions including Disneyland.

The dimensions of Angel Stadium are:

  • 60.5 feet to the Backstop
  • 330 feet to Left Field
  • 387 feet to Left-Center
  • 400 feet to Center Field
  • 370 feet to Right-Center
  • 330 feet to Right Field.

The seating capacity of Angel Stadium is 45,050 fans with 5,075 club seats and 78 luxury suites throughout the stadium. See the Angel Stadium seating chart for a detailed seat map.

Angel Stadium: Home of the Los Angeles Angels

Angel Stadium: Home of the Los Angeles Angels
View of the front entrance to Angel Stadium: Home of the Los Angeles Angels